BELGRADE / Centre of science

To define the Centre a series of circular perimeters are traced on the plot, allowing each one to materialize in different forms, height and program: they can be closed buildings, open science gardens, voids or defined spaces in the park. Together they create a architectonic ensemble of cylindrical forms, and allow a continuous interaction between the activities inside and outside of the building through the openings in these cylinders. The connecting areas of the building are mainly organized below ground level under the park, allowing users of the science park to walk over it and look down into the galleries and gardens. The Centre for Promotion of Science thus becomes a building that extends his radius of influence over the whole plot blurring the differences between the science centre and the Science Park.

Design: ( Luis Callejas, Edgar Mazo, Sebastian Mejia / PE ) + ( Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles, Victor Jaime, Carlos Bedoya / Productora )

Collaborators: Erica Martinez, Sebastian Monsalve,Tess Walraven, Maria Clara Trujillo, Santiago Mora, Sebastian Gomez. (PE) Ivan Villegas, Rocio Carvajo, Vanesa Abin Fuentes, Dan Carlson (Productora)


Status: Invited competition entry
Location: Belgrade, Serbia.